Travel Photography
Travel Photography
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Travel Photography

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What other's say about this class:

96.4% of students recommend this class

"John Greengo was fresh, exciting and entertaining. He was extremely well prepared for this class, and I loved hearing little nuggets from such a seasoned travel photographer. The course provided great content and ideas I can take with me on my next trip!" Erika

" As usual John has been an awesome instructor. He is so energetic and fun. I love taking his courses and this was no different. I absolutely loved it. I have learned so much by taking his courses. Thanks John for all you do to help us beginners out." Tonya

" So inspiring! This class is so comprehensive and I look forward to applying all of Greengo's tips. He is a wonderful instructor and the example photos are breathtaking." M Maxwell

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Course Information

Are you going on a once in a lifetime trip and want to have photos that you can share with friends and family? Do the decisions of what to bring, where to shoot, and what to capture feel overwhelming? Travel photography can feel challenging, time consuming, and expensive. But with the right tools you can plan and prioritize to come home with images that you treasure.

Join photographer, educator and author John Greengo, who has photographed all over the world, as he guides you through all of the steps that you need to capture the photos that you want during your travels. This class will offer different plans of what to bring, and how to create a realistic agenda based on your priorities, whether it’s documenting your trip, telling a story through photographs, or simply capturing great images.

John will teach you:

  • What gear to pack based on your goals.
  • How to create a media storage plan and workflow while traveling.
  • Best practices on how to find and scout the best locations to photograph.
  • How to approach locals and build trust before taking their portraits.
  • Camera techniques and settings for different shooting scenarios.
  • Different types of travel photos, such as The Walk Away, The T-Shot, and Environmental Portrait.
  • What to do with your photos once you’ve returned home.

Don’t let the challenges of travel photography keep you from capturing images that will provide you with lifelong memories. Join John Greengo to learn the best techniques, tools, and technology to capture great photos no matter you limitations in time, money and resources.

What's Included?

  • 32 Video lessons in HD
  • 5h 28m of class content
  • Printable class materials


  1. Class Introduction   -   FREE SECTION
  2. Travel Photography: The Challenges
  3. T ravel Photography: The Rewards
  4. Setting Expectations & Research
  5. Travel Gear
  6. Health, Safety & Security
  7. Gear: General Advice
  8. Gear: Cameras
  9. Gear: Lenses
  10. Gear: Tripods
  11. Gear: Filters
  12. Gear: Camera Accessories
  13. Gear: Final Thoughts
  14. Camera Checks
  15. Technique: Camera Settings
  16. Advanced Techniques   -   FREE SECTION
  17. Workflow & Composition Ideas
  18. Scouting
  19. Locations: Blue Mosque & Charles Bridge
  20. Locations: Opera House & Dumbo
  21. Locations: Ait Ben Haddu & Taksang Monastery
  22. Details: Buildings
  23. Details: Pattern
  24. Details: Collections, Vignette & Close Up
  25. People: Street & Candid
  26. People: Telephoto & Chaos Theory
  27. People: The Walk Away & The T-Shot
  28. People: Environmental Portrait
  29. People: Building Trust & Classic Portrait
  30. Wildlife
  31. Events
  32. End of the Road