Sony A7R V: Complete Camera Guide
Sony A7R V: Complete Camera Guide
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sony A7R V: Complete Camera Guide
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sony A7R V: Complete Camera Guide

Sony A7R V:
Complete Camera Guide

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First 3 Free:

Try before you buy. The first 3 sections of this class are available for free. Simply select "First 3 Free" from the drop list above before hitting the "Add to Cart" button.     No credit card information required.

You can also watch the first 3 sections online by scrolling down the page.

Course Information

The highest resolution and most advanced Sony to date, the A7RV is full of features, options and capability. Master this camera and get it customized to your style of shooting with this class. You’ll be shown in-depth instruction on the  exposure and focus systems as well as other all critical features of the camera. This will include hands-on demonstrations showing you how to setup and use a variety of features.

More than an instruction manual, this class will show you how and why to use a variety of advance and unique features. An accompanying PDF on with class notes will break down the lengthy menu into understandable sections. Master your camera and take control of your photography in this class with simple animations and easy explanations.

What's Included?

  • 20 videos in High Definition (HD)
  • 8h 51m of class content
  • Printable class material
  • Fully downloadable files that you own forever
  • Plus BONUS MATERIAL - Video Index PDF


  • Highly organized and deeply detailed walkthrough of all critical camera operations
  • In-depth descriptions of the many focus options and settings
  • Hands-on demonstrations of custom setting options

Who is this class for?

  • Photographers new to Sony or new to photography
  • People upgrading to a new and higher-end Sony camera
  • Experienced Sony shooters looking to make the most of the A7RV


The guide is highly organized to help you find important information quickly.

  1. Introduction   -   20 min   -  FREE SECTION   [watch below or download for free]
  2. Camera Basics   -   16 min   -  FREE SECTION   [watch below or download for free]
  3. Exposure Controls   -   51 min   -  FREE SECTION   [watch below or download for free]
  4. Focus Controls   -   61 min
  5. Drive Settings   -   24 min
  6. Buttons & Dials   -   21 min
  7. Viewfinder & Monitor   -   10 min
  8. Function Menu   -   12 min
  9. Movie Shooting   -   34 min
  10. Camera Connections   -   20 min
  11. Lenses   -   14 min
  12. My Menu & Main Menu   -   14 min
  13. Shooting Menu : Part 1 (61 min) & Part 2 (14 min)
  14. Exposure/Color Menu   -   21 min
  15. Focus Menu   -   31 min
  16. Playback Menu   -   11 min
  17. Network Menu   -   14 min
  18. Setup Menu  -  61 min
  19. Field Setup   -   18 min

What is a Complete Camera Guide?

A Complete Camera Guide is a thorough walkthrough of a camera’s operations and features. Each section addresses a different aspect of the camera with detailed explanations and recommendations.

Topics are supported with easy to understand visuals and animations; a popular learning style for photographers of all levels. An in-depth dive through the entire menu, along with the recommendations, will ensure you have everything you need to customize the camera for your specific needs.

Watch sections 1, 2 and 3 for free:

How do you access the files?

There are three ways you can access your purchase:

  1. On the Order Confirmation page, click on "Click here to download your digital goods"
  2. Via the link that will be emailed to you
  3. From your John Greengo Photography account page (course download instructions)

Course download sizes:

  • 20 video files (mp4) & 2 PDF files - 6.5GB total [Full Course]
  • 3 video files (mp4) - 1.1GB total [First3Free version]

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