Canon T6s/T6i/750D/760D: Fast Start
Canon T6s/T6i/750D/760D: Fast Start
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon T6s/T6i/750D/760D: Fast Start
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon T6s/T6i/750D/760D: Fast Start

Canon T6s/T6i/750D/760D:
Fast Start

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100% of students recommend this class

"Feeling pretty good about my T6s purchase! John's teaching style was fabulous, and I am left feeling pretty confident and a lot less overwhelmed!J Hubbenator

"As a student of John's for the past 2 years with the Fundamentals of Photography, the Nikon D3300 and D5500, I recently traded my Nikon D3300 for the Canon EOS Rebel T6i. As always, the training was superb, easy to understand, and I feel better in being able to use a digital camera. The reason for the switch in manufacturers was because of the ease of use of the Canon. I look forward to referring back to the lessons if I need a refresher course. Thank you, John. Your teaching is starting to click, finally.Richard K

"Take this class. This way it is put together will be useful to you over the time you own the camera. The fact you can review distinct features later according to the subject matter (table of contents that is clickable for easy review), and the PDF which contains the keynotes. These are printable if you need them. Most of all, the course and instructor are highest quality.K Fraser

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Learn Your Camera’s Features

Join John Greengo for a complete introduction to the Canon® Rebel T6s/T6i in this Fast Start. 

You’ll learn why the Canon Rebel T6s/T6i is the go-to camera for all levels of photographers and how you can get the most out all of its features and functions. 

John will teach you how to: 
  • Ensure you come away with a high-resolution image every time you shoot 
  • Take advantage of the 19-point autofocus system 
  • Harness the power of the camera’s impressive frame rates 

The Canon Rebel T6s/T6i Fast Start will prepare you to take advantage of each and every one of your camera’s buttons, menus, and features.


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