Canon R6 Mark II: Complete Camera Guide
Canon R6 Mark II: Complete Camera Guide
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon R6 Mark II: Complete Camera Guide
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon R6 Mark II: Complete Camera Guide

Canon R6 Mark II:
Complete Camera Guide

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First 3 Free:

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You can also watch the first 3 sections online by scrolling down the page.

What other's say about John’s classes:

" This is my 4th purchase of Educational courses by John Greengo and just like all the others this course was well structured, easy to understand, fun, engaging, fair priced. I just love his classes!" Liesa W[Canon R6]

" This guide is so good! Thorough but at an easy pace. This camera was a bit overwhelming at first but this guide allows you to become conversant and confident with your new camera. Great work!" Roger B[Canon R6]

Course Information

The Canon R6 Mark II is the camera for everyone and for all styles of photography. It’s loaded with features and technology to help solve most any photographic challenge. This class is a step by step guide at mastering all that this camera has to offer.

The core of the class dives deep into the exposure and focus systems where the wide variety of controls and options are throughly explained. Throughout the class there are numerous hands-on demonstrations to show you exactly how to operate the camera. By the end of the class you’ll have been fully briefed on the capabilities and the operation of every important aspect of the camera. You’ll have both knowledge and confidence for your next photographic adventure.

From beginners to pros, you’ll be coming back to review the class again and again; each time picking up a deeper level of understanding.

What's Included?

  • 20 videos in High Definition (HD)
  • 9 hours of class content
  • Printable class material
  • Fully downloadable files that you own forever
  • Plus BONUS MATERIAL - Video Index PDF


  • Full run-through of all camera buttons, dials and operations
  • Detail explanation and demonstration of exposure and focus options 
  • Itemized description of the full menu with recommended settings

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone new to the world of Canon mirrorless cameras
  • Canon users upgrading to a more advanced camera
  • Everyone looking to make the most of what this camera has to offer


The guide is highly organized to help you find important information quickly.

  1. Introduction    -   24 min     FREE SECTION   [watch below or download for free]
  2. Camera Basics    -   17 min     FREE SECTION   [watch below or download for free]
  3. Exposure Controls    -   68 min     FREE SECTION   [watch below or download for free]
  4. Focus Controls    -   41 min
  5. Capture Controls    -   25 min
  6. Buttons & Dials    -   20 min
  7. Viewfinder & Monitor    -   15 min
  8. Quick Menu    -   14 min
  9. Movie Shooting    -   36 min
  10. Camera Connections    -   13 min
  11. Lenses    -   17 min
  12. Shooting Menu : Part 1 (46 min) & Part 2 (36 min)
  13. Movie Shooting Menu    -   23 min
  14. AF Menu    -   27 min
  15. Playback Menu    -   18 min
  16. Network Menu    -   13 min
  17. Setup Menu    -   24 min
  18. Custom Functions & My Menu    -   42 min
  19. Field Setup    -   13 min

What is a Complete Camera Guide?

A Complete Camera Guide is a thorough walkthrough of a camera’s operations and features. Each section addresses a different aspect of the camera with detailed explanations and recommendations.

Topics are supported with easy to understand visuals and animations; a popular learning style for photographers of all levels. An in-depth dive through the entire menu, along with the recommendations, will ensure you have everything you need to customize the camera for your specific needs.

Watch sections 1, 2 and 3 for free:

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Course download sizes:

  • 20 video files (mp4) & 2 PDF files - 6.5GB total [Full Course]
  • 3 video files (mp4) - 1.5GB total [First3Free version]

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