Canon 7D II: Fast Start
Canon 7D II: Fast Start
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon 7D II: Fast Start
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Canon 7D II: Fast Start

Canon 7D II:
Fast Start

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100% of students recommend this class

"I bought my 7D Mkii the week it was introduced as an upgrade to my old 20D. I immediately noticed what a huge step up it was and to be honest was a little overwhelmed by all of the options and customisations available. In the year I've owned it I've managed to pick up a lot but I still felt there was a lot in there that I wasn't making the best use of. John's course has filled in the missing pieces and I now feel a lot more confident that I will be able to get the best out of this amazing camera.James

"John Greengo is such a geek! I say it in fully positive sense. 7D MkII is my second Canon DSLR but watching his tutorial made me feel like I don't know anything about my camera! Plus he has nice sense of humor. Highly recommended!D Kokalanov

"I purchased this course prior to purchasing my camera as I knew I would need some help along the way and thank goodness I did! John does an amazing job of sharing just how much this camera is capable of and takes you through it all with no stone left unturned! I am now ready and confident for my shoot tomorrow! I have purchased numerous courses from John and I am never disappointed. Thank you John!Shari

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A Complete And Easy-To-Understand Guide To Your Camera

The Canon® 7D Mark II is a complex and powerful camera – learn everything you need to know to get the most out it in this Fast Start with John Greengo.

Through engaging visuals and easy-to-understand lessons, John will provide you with a complete introduction to your camera’s features and functions. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate and customize the menus
  • Use the 65-point autofocus system
  • Take advantage of the video capabilities
  • Make use of your customization options.

If you are considering investing in the Canon 7D Mark II or want to get the most out of the one you already own, The Fast Start Canon 7D Mark II tutorial will empower you with all the information you need.


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