Camera Buyer's Guide
Camera Buyer's Guide
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Camera Buyer's Guide

Camera Buyer's Guide

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What other's say about this class:

100% of students recommend this class

"I have been involved with digital since day one but John gives real life easy to understand comparisons of features and terminology." Jerre

" As a photography wannabe, this lecture series helped me identify exactly what features I wanted and what camera to put on my wishlist. Given the massive cost of purchasing a decent camera, it was well worth taking this class." A Erishkigal

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Course Information

Our Camera Buyer's guide will be your guide to figuring out the best digital camera for your needs.

Gear expert John Greengo dives into the major brands and lenses that are currently on the market.

John breaks down some of the more confusing aspects of mirrorless and DSLR's from focusing systems to sensor size; you'll get a better understanding of what the gear does so you can make an informed decision.

At the end of the class, John gives his recommendations for different types of photographers from the aspiring student to the filmmaker and everyone in between. If you're looking to purchase a camera or gift one to a budding photographer in your life- this free course will be your guide in making the best purchase.

What's Included?

  • 16 Video lessons in HD
  • 3h 23m of class content
  • Printable class material


  1. Class Introduction
  2. Upgrading pros and cons
  3. Top 10 camera purchasing mistakes
  4. What are your camera needs?
  5. Camera Types
  6. Sensor Size
  7. Pixels
  8. The Lens
  9. The Viewfinder
  10. Autofocus
  11. Exposure
  12. More Features
  13. Camera Handling
  14. Camera Purchasing
  15. Camera Choices
  16. Recommended Cameras


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