Nature & Landscape Photography
Nature & Landscape Photography
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Nature & Landscape Photography

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What other's say about this class:

98.6% of students recommend this class

"I have not been able to get enough of this class. I LOVE IT! John is an excellent teacher and demonstrator. He has produced terrific visual aids to compliment the instruction which make all the difference for me personally. This class is the best value of any instruction I have ever purchased in my life hands down. Thank you John." Jett

" Photography is about creativity, and I believe John Greengo helped my creativity in teaching solid, use-that-same-day knowledge about tools (i.e. macro, tele/wide lenses, tilt/shift, etc.) and the elements of art in photography. He was very encouraging, shared his wealth of knowledge, and I was oddly impressed with his slide show animations/demonstrations. What you won't get is: post-processing, in-depth editing tips, nor lots of fluff. Great work John!" A Rosas

" I have to thank John for such an amazingly thorough and simply put style he has. I learned so much yesterday and watched the entire a good book I couldn't put it down. I have also taken the fast track for Nikon d750 which I also recommend for what ever camera you may have. In one day I understood my camera better than since I bought it in April this year. Would love to one day take a photo trip with him....what an opportunity that would be." E Fortune

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Course Information

Beautiful landscapes are all around us – they are a joy to experience, but a challenge to capture in a single photo. In Nature and Landscape Photography, you’ll learn the essential tools and techniques for taking photographs that reflect the splendor of landscapes and the captivating details of nature.

In this class, John Greengo uses illustrations, animations, and photographs of destinations from around the world to teach you the thought process behind great nature photography. You’ll learn which gear is suited to the environment you want to shoot and how to plan for ideal light and composition. John will help you master exposure and focus so you get a better shot in camera and improve your edits by taking you through hands-on photo critiques.

From complicated cameras to challenging environments, several obstacles stand in the way of you taking a photograph that reflects the landscape as you see it. This class will help you take nature and landscape photographs that reflect your unique perspective.

What's Included?

  • 27 Video lessons in HD
  • 10h 37m of class content
  • Printable class materials


  1. Course Overview  -   FREE SECTION
  2. The Bad & Good of Nature Photography
  3. Cameras and Sensors
  4. Lenses for Nature & Landscape Photos
  5. Macro & Tilt Shift Lenses
  6. Filters for Nature & Landscape Photos
  7. Tripods & Monopods
  8. General Camera Tips
  9. Exposure & Metering
  10. Exposure Modes
  11. Exposure Values & Apertures
  12. Focus: Modes, Points, Buttons
  13. Focus: Advanced Techniques
  14. Day 1: Q&A
  15. Mountains & Forests
  16. Rivers, Waterfalls & Shorelines
  17. Open Land, Flowers & Skies
  18. Macro Shots & Adding a Human Element
  19. Elements of Design
  20. Working the Subject
  21. The Photographic Process
  22. Timing: Seasons & Time of Day
  23. Types of Light: Direct Sunlight
  24. Types of Light: Indirect Sunlight
  25. Composition: Basics & 7 Framing Tips
  26. Composition: Angle of View & Aspect Ratios
  27. Composition: Panoramas & Subject Placement


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