Lens Essentials
Lens Essentials
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Lens Essentials

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What other's say about John's classes:

"This is an amazingly informative way to start or continue with photography. I've learned from scratch not only how to take pictures but the information you should have before you even start. Thanks John, for making my introduction to photography so easy to absorb!" Tanya O. [CreativeLive student]

"All the right stuff! John is the real deal. He is one of those rare few that is blessed with the gift of teaching. What makes John and his classes so worthwhile is that he's passionate about his subject matter, clearly knows his stuff, is incredibly well-prepared with his visual and supporting material, and his enthusiasm for teaching his craft comes though in a personable and approachable way. Anything by John Greengo is going to be well worth your time and money!" Joe L. [CreativeLive student]

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Course Information

Lens Essentials is the perfect education for any photographer wanting to master the art of choosing the right lens. This class will educate you on everything all photographers need to know for making smart lens choices. Applicable to all brands and styles of camera, this class will teach you about the available options and the pros and cons of the many choices.

A clear and detailed explanation of the focal length and aperture options will take you through the first level of lens choice. Diving deeper into the technology and features you’ll learn about the extras that can help you get the most of your lenses. A full tour of recommended lenses will help you map out how you can build a lens system that matches your needs. 

Specialty lenses like - Macro, Fisheye, and Tilt Shift, will also be explored to show you what they can do and why you may need or want one. Lens accessories are also covered, with explanation of what’s available and how they can help you make better photographs.

Instruction and information in this class applies to ALL LENS SYSTEMS.  The following lens mount systems are used in the class for example purposes: Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony FE, Fujifilm X, OM System (Olympus) Micro Four Thirds. 

What's Included?

  • 9 videos in High Definition (HD)
  • 7 h 7 m of class content
  • Class Notes (printable PDF)
  • Video Index (printable PDF)
  • Fully downloadable files that you own forever and/or stream each video


  • A visual tour of the available lenses and their uses
  • Explanation of the technology and features found in lenses 
  • A recommendations guide for the best lenses for a variety of applications
  • Detailed guide for choosing the best lens for: portrait, action, and landscape

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone looking to purchase a new lens
  • Photographers looking to master the use of their current lenses
  • New photographers looking to become more knowledgeable about lenses


  1. Basics     58 min   -   FREE SECTION
  2. Focal Length   -   45 min
  3. Aperture   -  49 min
  4. Technology   -   62 min
  5. Features   -   25 min
  6. Recommendations   -   53 min
  7. Specialty Lenses   -   39 min
  8. Accessories   -   37 min
  9. Building a System   -   56 min

How do you access the files?

There are three ways you can access your purchase:

  1. On the Order Confirmation page, click on "Click here to download your digital goods"
  2. Via the link that will be emailed to you
  3. From your John Greengo Photography account page

Course download size:

  • 9 video files (mp4) & 2 PDF files - 6.5GB total [Full Course]
  • 1 video file (mp4) - 878MB total [Free Introduction]

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