50 Things Photographers Need To Know About Focus

50 Things Photographers Need To Know About Focus

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While focusing your camera should seem like a no-brainer - there's autofocus, after all! - it's often not a simple task. Depending on the shooting situation, your camera, and the countless scenarios that can "throw off" the focus, the task of achieving sharp images with great focus can be deceptively challenging.

If you're a passionate photographer eager to learn the best ways to achieve tack-sharp focus in your images, these 50 focus-based principles are exactly what you need to take your work to the next level. With photographer and author John Greengo as your guide, you'll quickly learn 50 techniques for achieving focus in various shooting situations. Lessons include:

  • 2. Focus, Resolution, and Sharpness
  • 9. Contrast Detection
  • 15. Live View Focusing
  • 25. Mirrorless Versus DSLR Lenses
  • 31. Modern Focus Aids
  • 42. Apertures and Depth of Field
  • 46. Post-Production Sharpening
  • 49. Determining Focus Problems

Written in the author's friendly and approachable style, and illustrated with examples that clearly show how each technique can help you capture great photos, 50 Things Photographers Need to Know About Focus is designed to be effective, fast, and fun way to learn how to achieve great focus in your images, no matter what the situation.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Basics of Focus
  • Chapter 2: Primary AF Controls
  • Chapter 3: Mirrorless Autofocus
  • Chapter 4: DSLR Autofocus
  • Chapter 5: Customizing the AF System
  • Chapter 6: Autofocus and Lenses
  • Chapter 7: Manual Focus Techniques
  • Chapter 8: Exposure Control for Focus
  • Chapter 9: Advanced Focusing Techniques
  • Chapter 10: Other Focus Topics
  • Gallery
  • Index

What other's say about John’s books:

"50 Things Photographers Need to Know About Focus is an excellent, in-depth look at the science, tools and application of skills that lead to the proper focusing of images, empowering the reader to better comprehend and then utilize the technology present in today’s cameras." RG West [Amazon customer]

"What I love most about John Greengo’s books is the curated material that serves up exactly what you need to understand about the features of your camera, put in the context of the techniques required to get an excellent photograph. Explanations are precise and technical enough to provide the relevant context for a true understanding of the principles behind the features..... Highly recommend this book and John’s similar work on Exposure." sayward [Amazon customer]